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Blogs for Spanish teachers


If you are a language teacher, you are most probably a passionate ambassador of the culture you represent to your students, in the classroom and outside. But even though Spanish is so ubiquitous in the USA and resources are abundant, Spanish and bilingual teachers often say they don’t have the time to stay connected with the language and culture they love. Just the research about news, keeping up with current events and cultural information can be time consuming.

If you are someone interested in Spanish, Latin American and US Latino culture, here are three other blogs I write that will help you stay in touch and learn more. And they save you time researching about literature, cinema and art of the Spanish-speaking world. Posts are monthly and discuss films, art and newly published and classic stories, poems and also children’s books by Spanish-speaking authors. Continue reading


Tales of Underdevelopment

This article on charitable giving, published in The New York Times recently, gave me some new food for thought on charity and how much of an emotional gesture it is. I already wrote on how an impacting photo can influence people to donate and mitigate the tragedy expressed in it. This article now says that the US domestic giving is just as emotional, a way for an individual to distinguish himself or herself and affirm a relationship with a cause important to him/her; basically, to feel good, important, powerful. Continue reading

Learning Spanish in 1917

spanishtextbook4Yesterday, I got a surprise package in the mail. It wasn’t a mistaken order sent by, it was a recycled box in which a dear friend was sending me some old books from a local antiquarian she thought I would find “fun.” They were three fiction books published in the early XX century in the US, by Spanish authors nobody is interested in today. And a fourth one, First Spanish Course from 1917, essentially a Spanish textbook for US college students. Wow! We’ve gone a long way in teaching languages since then. Continue reading

Mayan textiles

If I had lots of money, I would start collecting precious cloth pieces and hang them on the wall as pieces of art. I can’t believe I missed this exhibit of Mayan textiles. I love Mayan textiles for their beauty, colors, symbolism and because I love Guatemala. Continue reading

Photography and responsibility

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