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If you are a language teacher, you are most probably a passionate ambassador of the culture you represent to your students, in the classroom and outside. But even though Spanish is so ubiquitous in the USA and resources are abundant, Spanish and bilingual teachers often say they don’t have the time to stay connected with the language and culture they love. Just the research about news, keeping up with current events and cultural information can be time consuming.

If you are someone interested in Spanish, Latin American and US Latino culture, here are three other blogs I write that will help you stay in touch and learn more. And they save you time researching about literature, cinema and art of the Spanish-speaking world. Posts are monthly and discuss films, art and newly published and classic stories, poems and also children’s books by Spanish-speaking authors.

This is a project I am doing to help teachers stay in touch and develop further their language skills in an informal environment after they have passed their teacher certification requirements.

So, here it is:

Litertulia, Tertulia literaria en español. Libros, cuentos y encuentros. As the title suggests, this is about discussion of literature. Children’s books you can find in stores today, classic short stories by Latin American and Spanish authors typically included in college courses, whimsical poems or even songs by legendary singer-songwriters. I can’t pick a favorite, but if I must, it is the story of the vulnerable witch who feels uncomfortable in a clear-cut logical world: La bruja Mon, a children’s book by Pilar Mateos.

Discusiarte. Bitácora de discusión sobre el arte y otras delicias is about art – an eclectic and informal discussion of art expressions and experiences from Frida Kahlo to folk art. You may have noticed that my entry on molas, meant to be just informative there, became a philosophical post on molas and globalization here. Coming up next: Joan Miró, religious folk art and precolumbian treasures.

CineImpresiones. Bitácora de discusión sobre el cine en español is, of course, a film blog. There is so much to talk about here, especially on little noticed new movies as well as forgotten classics such as Luis Buñuel (my favorite: Viridiana) and Carlos Saura (the uncanny Ana y los lobos), which will be among the future topics. As I mentioned in my last post, the most difficult part of writing in this blog is selecting films that are not tragic.  On one hand, tragedy is probably the preferred mode of European and Latin American cinema. And most classics offer tragic perspectives on life. While I deeply love drama, I feel that including mostly movies with plots operating through violence and war may give a wrong impression on Latin American and Spanish culture.

Your suggestions are welcome!


5 responses to “Blogs for Spanish teachers

  1. danmihalache

    I’d like to make you a present:
    Fallingwater; I hope you’ll like it.
    See you,

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  3. Thank you for your blog. What I am looking for is an email correspondence with a Spanish-speaker from Spain to keep up my fluency. Do you know how I might go about accomplishing this? Thank you,


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  5. That is possible and would be great. I have face time on my ipad and could talk that way. Tengo face time en mi ipad. ¿Hay un/a hispanohablante a quien le gustaría comunicarse conmigo? Vivo en Sacramento California. I can also communicate via Skype.

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